The Great Mlienko

What is Mlienko?

"The Great Milienko" is a bot that attempts to remove malicious bots from Team Fortress 2 casual matches by detecting, reporting, votekicking, and killing them in the interim.

More specifically, "Mlienko" is the name of the project.

You may have seen Mlienko under the name "Friendly Botkiller".

Will the botkillers leave once all the malicious bots are kicked from the match?

Yes, they will. They stay in every new match for a brief period to detect malicious bots, but they will leave automatically.

How can I help get rid of malicious bots?

You can download our TF2 Botkiller, a program that helps to identify malicious bots and automatically kick and or kill them.

Hosting the botkillers costs money.

For every $10 received, a botkiller can be upgraded to TF2 premium. This will allow the bot to call votekicks and use chat to identify malicious bots, all donations are not-for-profit.

Bitcoin address: 3CHzBcgiRowhRPW3BZMKz4R4snWVJEkfwb